Our team of specialists can help you with:

Purchase and sale of residential properties
Whether it’s your first home or tenth, BSS can help make the transaction stress free.

Purchase and sale of commercial and industrial properties
Incomings and outgoings – rely on BSS to make sure all the figures add up.

Purchase and sale of rural properties
We can settle your property even if you are interstate or overseas.

As density ratings change, sub-dividing land becomes a lucrative option. We can apply for new Certificates of Title including registering documents with the Land Titles Office.

Strata titles
Properties with strata titles need that extra bit of attention to ensure all the corporate body expenses and outgoings balance.

Deceased estates
A difficult time in any family, let us take care of property transfers and survivorship applications

Transfer of property between existing owners
Whether you are going through divorce, separation or remarriage, we can make this process easier for you.

Private sales
You can sell a property without a real estate agent, but you should never settle without using our expertise.

Change of names
Whether you change your name after marriage or by deed poll or revert to your maiden name, we know the right process for you.

Title searches
Titles need to be searched for any encumbrances, to find out the exact size of the property and any other vital information that could affect the purchase.